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Aokigahara and Intellectualization

I am like a sponge. Not like a kid. Not for good things. Not for valuable information or good vibes. I can take in the emotions of everyone in a room. And this past week has been stressful. For everyone. It was election week, and the Tax Claim Bureau (me and my boss) share an… Continue reading Aokigahara and Intellectualization

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Two Moms Day Drinking and the Holiest Day of the Year

Hiya, kids. I've been quiet lately. Because I've got a new iron in the fire. This blog is great. I love this blog. But someone recently asked me why I didn't monetize it (hey, Nix!) and my only real answer was that I'm not consistent enough and the topic isn't narrow enough to really provide… Continue reading Two Moms Day Drinking and the Holiest Day of the Year

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Ghost Stories and Halloween Eve

The entire month of October is Halloween Eve at my house. I love everything about October, and I love everything about Halloween even more intensely. It's the whole alternate universe thing. Everything is changing so much at this time of year. The leaves. The weather. My mood. It's improving, my mood, and mostly because I… Continue reading Ghost Stories and Halloween Eve

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Twin Mommin’ and a Sour Apple Gatorade

So I’ve got this small bottle of Gatorade. It’s not a big deal. There are, like, eighteen just like it in the fridge. There’s no lock on the fridge. The girls routinely get in and out of it at their convenience. They know that those eighteen Gatorades are there. They see them every time they… Continue reading Twin Mommin’ and a Sour Apple Gatorade

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Dating in Adulthood and a Clear Lack of Effort

I get messages and friend requests almost daily from men I don't know. Most of them have mutual friends with me. Some of the friend requests I accept, if the friends we share are ones I know well and interact with regularly. I almost never answer messages. I've seen way too many unsolicited photographs of… Continue reading Dating in Adulthood and a Clear Lack of Effort

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Everything is Chemicals and My Worst Nightmare Realized

My kid got lice. Ugh. I have dreaded this day since the moment I saw that second pink line developing on the pee stick. Lice are common. They are highly contagious. They actually prefer clean hair to dirty hair, and they have nothing to do with - nor are they any indication of - personal… Continue reading Everything is Chemicals and My Worst Nightmare Realized

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Sheer Horror and Chicken Killin’

So when I moved to the country last fall, I made the well-considered decision that we (my two seven-year-old daughters and I) were going to start a few homesteading practices and see how we did. I've always had this vision of a perfect life being one lived on a dirt road, with visible stars above… Continue reading Sheer Horror and Chicken Killin’